• December 2018 •

Published 5 Mar 2021

In my memories Paris is a cold city. I remember being always here in the winter, when the trees have no leaves and it is cold, very cold. This time was no exception.

• February 2020 •

Published 20 Sep 2020

I guess that everyone gets more or less the same first impressions about this country. Breathtaking landscape: mountains, glacial lakes, long roads, winding rivers. Huge distances: half an hour sometimes to the nearest town. Sheep all over the place. And, being a fan of the Lord of the Rings, I couldn’t stop seeing Gondor and Rohan everywhere.

• December 2018 •

Published 2 Sep 2020

They say a lot that Salvador is a piece of Africa in Brazil. Indeed, many African slaves were brought to the former capital of the country with their own customs, culture and religions, which in turn blended in and now make one of the warmest, most original branches of the Brazilian culture. This is Salvador da Bahia.